Privacy Policy

Effective from March 12, 2018

URZO protects and ensures privacy, personal data protection and safety of e-shop visitors. URZO undertakes to observe the rights of e-shop visitors to the legal processing and protection of personal data, as well as to comply with the applicable Personal Data Processing Law and other regulatory enactments setting out personal data processing principles.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide you, as an e-shop visitor, with information about how URZO collects and processes your personal data when you visit and use the e-shop website.

By submitting your personal data, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy, please do not submit your personal data for processing.

Scope of data processing

URZO undertakes to collect, process and store only such minimum personal data that are necessary for the performance of URZO’s commercial activities and responsibilities in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory enactments.

Your personal data will not be transferred to any third party, except when the consent of the data subject (hereinafter the customer) is provided, it is necessary for the fulfilment of the contractual obligations of URZO towards the customer or it is otherwise permitted or assigned in accordance with applicable regulatory enactments.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies (small text files that the website transmits to the visitor’s browser to identify the user and facilitate the use of the website) to provide you with a better service, improve the convenience of our services, develop our website and make it user-friendly, analyse your experience of using the website as a visitor.

Cookies are saved or rejected depending on your browser settings. You can configure your browser to choose whether or not to accept the cookies. 

Updating of data

URZO undertakes, within the limits of its logical possibilities, to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the processed personal data by instructing customers as precisely as possible, how to enter their data correctly and completely.

URZO relies on its customers, trusting that the personal data they provide are complete and correct.

URZO stores personal data in electronic and paper form, independently deletes them from all systems, if no transactions have taken place for a period exceeding 4 years.

Data security and use

Personal data will be processed on the basis of Section 7 (1) of the Personal Data Protection Law, i.e., the customer’s free, unequivocal declaration of intent by which the customer allows to process his personal data.

If the customer has decided to shop in the e-shop, the customer will be asked to provide the following information: name, surname, e-mail address, contact phone (for communication, information), address and other data (for the delivery of products).

Personal data provided to URZO by the customer and stored by URZO will be used for communication purposes to execute customer’s orders, respond to customer applications, submissions, suggestions, for customer support, for making payments and providing services, to prepare and send customer offers and information on special offers in the form of newsletters, for which the prior consent of the customer has been received; and otherwise in accordance with the applicable regulatory enactments.

URZO will process personal data purposefully, in good faith, in accordance with the law, ensuring confidentiality, will apply internal organizational procedures, control measures to prevent unauthorized use, access, disclosure, copying, modification or corruption of personal data, as well as take all reasonable measures to ensure personal data security, integrity, privacy in accordance with the developed Internal Regulations for the protection of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law.

Ordering of goods and services online

If the customer wishes to place an order online, URZO needs to know the customer’s name, e-mail address, phone number, postal address and payment data (such as credit card number and its expiration date). This allows URZO to ensure proper execution of the customer’s order and inform the customer about the order execution status.

Third parties

URZO will not transfer personal data to third parties, except so far as it is necessary for the reasonable conduct of commercial activity, ensuring that the relevant third parties observe confidentiality of personal data, undertake to use them only for the purposes, for which the data were transferred, in accordance with the applicable regulatory provisions, ensure their protection. URZO will transfer personal data to the deliverers of orders, accounting company, e-shop website operator and manager.

Access to personal data

According to the Personal Data Protection Law, on the basis of a reasoned written submission you have the right to:

–       obtain all the information about you that is stored by URZO;

–       obtain information about those natural or legal persons who have received information about you from URZO within a certain period of time, unless the disclosure of such information is against the law;

–       obtain information about the date when your personal data was last corrected, deleted or blocked.

URZO will take the necessary actions to correct or delete any inaccuracies in the personal data communicated directly or through the available services.

Editing or deleting personal data

If necessary, the customer is entitled to amend, supplement or delete his personal data stored by URZO.LV at any time.

If you wish not to receive further notifications, delete your personal data completely or have any questions about the use of personal data, please contact us by sending an e-mail to:, or by calling +37128684669.

Adjustments and changes to the Privacy Policy

URZO reserves the right to periodically amend this Privacy Policy at its sole discretion. We recommend you to visit this section once in a while for up-to-date information.