U – Podo disc L Ø25mm


Suitable for U – Podo L replacement files.

Pack of 1pc.

Leg length 27mm

Thanks to the U – Podo disk, hygiene and safety are guaranteed for every customer. With disposable consumables you show your professionalism.

U – Podo disc L Ø25mm


Micro-organisms are spread between people through unwashed hands, dirty work utensils, contact with biological fluids, etc., and any customer is a potential source of infection. The URZO U-Podo disc is easy to wash, disinfect and sterilise in a hot air steriliser or steam autoclave.


The sterilised U-Podo disc ensures the safety of the specialist and the customer by protecting against infectious and fungal diseases.

It is important for beauty professionals to provide professional, high-quality and hygienic beauty services. Unsafe, unhygienic work equipment can contribute to the spread of infectious diseases. The customer has the right to a service where all hygiene standards are respected. It should be borne in mind that even procedures that do not involve injury to the skin carry a risk of infection.

For example:

  • Human papillomas (warts)
  • Herpes viruses
  • Fungal infections

Convenience and simplicity –  the U – Podo disc L Ø25mm is used with the U-Podo L replacement files.

When having a pedicure with the podo disc, the customer is safe because the replacement pedicure files are used only once.

The U-Podo disc is made of stainless steel, which is also used in medical devices.

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