U – Podo disc replacement files S Ø15 (Soft base)


Suitable for U – Podo disc S.

Pack of 50 pcs.

Thanks to the U-Podo replacement files, hygiene and safety are guaranteed for every customer. Using disposable consumables demonstrates your professionalism.

U – Podo disc replacement files S Ø15 (Soft base)


When having a pedicure with the U – Podo disc, the customer is safe because the U – Podo disc replacement files are used only once.

Micro-organisms are spread between people through unwashed hands, dirty work utensils, contact with biological fluids, etc., and any customer is a potential source of infection.


It is important for beauty professionals to provide professional, high-quality and hygienic beauty services. Unsafe, unhygienic work equipment can contribute to the spread of infectious diseases. The customer has the right to a service where all hygiene standards are respected. It should be borne in mind that even procedures that do not involve injury to the skin carry a risk of infection.

For example:

  • Human papillomas (warts)
  • Herpes viruses
  • Fungal infections

Convenience and simplicity – the U-Podo disc replacement files are easy to glue, stick well to the U-Podo disc and are easy to remove, leaving no adhesive residue. The U-Podo disc replacement file S is designed for use with the U – Podo disc S.


Abrasive is available in different grits: 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, 240, 280. The abrasive has a high wear resistance. The abrasive surface of the Podo disc files is coated to reduce the adhesion of nail dust.


By removing the protective paper layer, the files can be very quickly and easily glued to the U-Podo disc. The adhesive part of the replacement files is coated with a special coating (URZO-cpk35). The files stick well to the disc, do not slip, but at the same time can be torn off very easily after use. The disposable abrasive is completely removed from the base, leaving no sticky layer. The used file is discarded and the U-Podo disc itself, together with the other metal instruments, undergoes a multi-step disinfection and sterilisation process.

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