V5D BAF Replacement files 8 pcs.


Suitable for V5D metal base.

Pack of 8 pcs.

Thanks to the URZO BAF file, every customer is ensured compliance with hygiene and safety regulations. Using disposable consumables demonstrates your professionalism.

URZO BAF replacement files

V5D diamond shape BAF files


The URZO BAF replacement files allow you to ensure that hygiene and safety rules are respected for each customer. They are designed for the treatment of artificial and natural nails.


Safety for the specialist and the customer, protecting against infectious and fungal diseases.

It is important for beauty professionals to provide professional, high-quality and hygienic beauty services. Unsafe, unhygienic work equipment can contribute to the spread of infectious diseases. The customer has the right to a service where all hygiene standards are respected. It should be borne in mind that even procedures that do not involve injury to the skin carry a risk of infection.

For example:

  • Human papillomas (warts)
  • Herpes viruses
  • Fungal infections

Replacements BAF files are considered the safest for use in professional manicure and pedicure salons. The metal base can be sterilised in a hot air steriliser and disinfected with special solutions, while the used file is removed immediately after customer service.


The abrasive surface of BAF files is coated to reduce the adhesion of nail dust. The BAF grits indicate how rough or fine it is. The higher the number of grits, the finer the BAF. URZO offers replacement BAF files in different grits: 150, 180, 240, 320 grits. BAF files have a soft foam layer which reduces the abrasive pressure against the nail.


By removing the protective paper layer, the URZO interchangeable BAF files can be quickly and easily glued to the URZO base. The adhesive part of the replacement BAF files is coated with a special coating (URZO-cpk35). The files adhere well to the base, do not slip, but at the same time can be easily torn off after use. The disposable abrasive is completely removed from the base without leaving a sticky layer. The used BAF file is discarded and the base itself, together with the other metal instruments, undergoes a multi-step disinfection and sterilisation process.

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